Lost Years of Jesus
Jesus in India 4
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Priestly and warrior class become ornery with St Issa (Jesus)


Jesus (St Issa) in India, as later in Israel, eventually earned the ire of the folks in charge. In many of the paintings and drawings it will be seen, the priests and warrior castes lurking and fuming as Jesus (St Issa) proceeded with ministrations to the common and neglected castes.


In this close-up of a previous sketch again we see the oblivious St Issa (Jesus) speaking to the people while some priestly and warrior individuals murmur and scheme. According to the translation of the ancient documents by Notovitch, Jesus (St Issa) also denounced some of the Vedas as counterfeit. Eventually Jesus’ (St Issa's) friends among the Sudra slave class warn of an assassination plot whereupon he leaves India.    Site Home   Gallery Home    Contact

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