Lost Years of Jesus
Jesus in India 2
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 St Issa (Jesus) goes among the Vaisyas and Sudras


At some point Jesus left off with the literal teachings of the Brahmans and the Kshatriyas (priestly and warrior castes) and began to minister among the Vaisyas and Sudras (merchant and lower castes). This caused some concern among the high castes and they demanded Issa (Jesus) to cease and desist.


The lower castes, the Vaisyas and Sudras, loved Issa (Jesus) who was at peace with them and instructed with Holy teachings which they could only hear on holidays, or the case of the Sudras, not at all. The contentions grew so serious with the priest and warrior castes over this issue, however, that Issa (Jesus) had to leave India or be assassinated. Next ...

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